Terry Black Realtor


I'm Terry Black a Maryland Realtor. I broker thru RE/MAX Allegiance in Annapolis. RE/MAX is well received by the public and it is good to its agents.

For buyers, use the list of search sites located on the Property Search page of Terry Black Realtor, then CONTACT ME. I have a key to let you into the properties you want to see. When wanted, I have paperwork to make offers to purchase and experience on how to use it. Together we look for properties online, refine the information, find the ones you like, visit them, submit an offer to purchase, negotiate, contract, fulfill the terms of the contract and settle, AND LIFE GOES ON.

For sellers, we select a starting point, promote, follow-up, adjust, refine, improve the property's presentation, work towards market value, negotiate, contract, fulfill the terms of the contract, and settle, AND LIFE GOES ON.

Some of you will buy and sell many times. We ask for some of this business and assure you we do provide value in real estate transactions. Working together a second, third, fourth time and more can make the process far smoother and refined.

We know how to use our Realtor tools, MLS, key and lock box, listing and sales paperwork, use of lenders, inspectors, contractors, title companies, insurance companies, surveyors and more.

We have people experience.

We provide a reliable service for people who want a real estate transaction.

Let us work for you.

Thank you,

Terry Black